Are We Winning

‘Are we Winning’ is a company initiative put in place as part of the partnership with the catering arm of the business, Jockey Club Catering (JCC). It is a customer survey designed to be used online (mostly) by customers so that they are able to give feedback as to their thoughts about the catering provided to them on race days and non-race days.

A link to access the online feedback questionnaire, should you wish to take part, is displayed around the site on posters and literature as well as being able to complete feedback request cards on tables situated in the restaurant and at bar areas. All feedback received through ‘Are we Winning’ is collated and analysed so that we are able to act on your feedback appropriately, and hopefully improve our level of service and experience for your next visit!

Customers who booked online in advance will also be sent the questionaire post event.

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