Dress Code

Look the part on raceday

We have no strict dress code code at Kempton Park, though smart dress is preferred. Racing doesn't happen every day, so why not treat your visit as a special occasion?


There's no strict dress code to attend the course, but for some enclosures, especially on event days, there may be some restrictions. As a general rule, smart dress is acceptable anywhere.

Special events

Smart dress is encouraged for major race days, though not compulsory.

Dress for the weather

You don't need us to remind you that UK weather is changeable. Don't forget that you're likely to be outdoors for a lot of the day, so it's best to come prepared whether you're wrapped up for winter or feeling cool in summer.

Fancy dress

Fancy dress is permitted so long as it's not offensive and we reserve the right to decline entry should the need arise. 

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