Our environmental responsibilities

We're committed to using sustainable resources wherever possible. It's better for us, better for our visitors and better for the future of racing.

Our history is a long and honourable one that has consistently emphasised the need to look after and sustain our resources. Today, we prioritise our environmental responsibilities and strive to incorporate sustainable principles in our business.

The Jockey Club has a 'Green Champion' at each of our 15 racecourses who works with the group’s sustainability executive to help reduce our impact on the environment without affecting the quality our visitors' experience.

Our sustainability strategy is constantly evolving and we have a mixture of short and longer term objectives including:

Travel plan

As part of the planning permission granted to Kempton Park to install the all weather track in 2006, the racecourse committed itself to adopt a Green Travel Plan in conjunction with Surrey County Council. Our commitment to the plan requires us to encourage staff and customers to travel to and from Kempton Park in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible.

• The racecourse enjoys a full seven-day a week train service from our own dedicated railway station. It is a service that is used by many of our visitors coming to the races.
• The Jockey Club offers the cycle to work scheme
• Kempton has pool bicycles that can be used by members of our staff
• We offer staff a mileage allowance for cycling, if you choose to cycle during office hours from Kempton for a meeting or work appointment you will be entitled to 20p per mile!
• The racecourse has electric vehicle charge points available for both staff and visitors

What is a Green Travel Plan?

It is a series of measures to encourage staff to use alternatives to single occupancy of cars. A plan can include: car sharing schemes; a commitment to improve cycling facilities; a dedicated bus service; or restricted car parking allocations. Travel plans can offer real benefits, including relieving stress through reducing traffic jams.


In the year to October 2012 we recycled 42% of waste. No bins are allowed under the desks at Kempton. The Jockey Club are trialling anaerobic digestion for food waste at two of our other racecourses and we hope to extend this to Kempton Park Racecourse in the near future.

Energy Consumption

There has been a group wide reduction in energy consumption of both gas and electricity. Reducing our CO2 emissions is a focus for The Jockey Club’s Sustainability Strategy and is starting to show benefits through initiatives such as staff awareness, LED light replacement and closer monitoring of consumption.

Dog Walking Area

We have a dog walking area available for the local community use. This was introduced as part of the planning permission and is situated just beyond Gate 6.

Herb Garden

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we launched a herb garden in 2010. Rather then buying herbs from an outside supplier, our chefs are able to pick the seasonal varieties from on site. There are many benefits of doing this, such as reducing our carbon footprint, but the primary reason behind this activity was to get the local schools involved. We partnered with a local school, St. Ignatius, who came on site to help with weeding, planting and even digging for treasure.

Green Champion

The Jockey Club has a “Green Champion” at each of the 14 racecourses who works with the group’s Sustainability Executive to ensure that we implement steps to reduce our impact on the environment without affecting the quality of the customer experience. We are always looking for ideas to reduce the impact of Kempton Park Racecourse on the local and wider environment. If you have any suggestions, we would be delighted to hear from you at

We're always looking for ideas to reduce the impact of our racecourses on the local and wider environment. If you have any suggestions, we'd be delighted to hear from you at

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